Dropped Objects


Improve safety

The ‘Sherlock Holmes in search of drops’ campaign is all about improving the level of safety in organisations. This makes the campaign suitable for all employees – Onshore, Offshore, when travelling, and in the Office – in your organisation. To guarantee its effectiveness, the campaign runs for one year. But it means that every employee will be aware of his or her work environment for the rest of their lives.


The aim

Our aim with the campaign is to create awareness of safety in every organisation in the industry. The campaign can also be used to increase the involvement of employees with safe working. The important challenges in the campaign are therefore learning from practical situations and increasing knowledge about safety in organisations. After all, we all want to be able to return home safe and sound after we have finished work. So what we are aiming for is that, for everyone, working safely becomes as natural as eating and breathing.


Inspections and suggestions

Supervisors can take countless measures to ensure that safety remains at a high level. But to achieve this, input from every employee is needed. And that includes you! Make suggestions that can be combined in the organisation with practical measures. Examples could include securing tools and fitting effective and protective equipment. The campaign provides you with practical ideas for doing this. Make the campaign a topic of discussion, take on the challenge together with your colleagues and take a long hard look at current working methods. And who knows, you could be named the Sherlock Holmes of the oil and gas industry.


Dare to be honest

The challenge you and your colleagues will be taking on during the campaign should be first and foremost a search that stimulates, where nobody is afraid to point out if someone is acting in an unsafe manner or if there is an unsafe situation and where everyone dares to intervene. It means that the campaign will help create an open culture in the organisation, in which dialogue and discussions on HSE and hazardous situations are regarded as perfectly normal. In an open culture, there are no barriers when it comes to reporting unsafe actions or situations. People are honest with each other and make plans for improvements. In other words, a culture where you aim high. HSE and aiming for Incident Free Operations should, after all, be at the heart.