Dropped Objects


Sherlock Holmes in the search of Drops

Potential drops can happen anywhere: at work, in the office, when travelling and at home. But the hazards and life-threatening risks that most readily spring to mind are those at the work place. That is why everyone is responsible for preventing accidents caused by falling objects. We emphasise the importance of this in our ‘Sherlock Holmes in search of drops’ campaign’. A practical campaign that can be used in any organisation, and even in the home.

Out of sight, out of mind, until something drops…

Once people are at work, they can easily lose sight of safety. Very often, that is exactly when extra and unnecessary risks arise. That is why it is important to raise awareness of potential drops among all employees, whether they are working Offshore, Onshore, travelling, or in the Office. That is because everyone is responsible for contributing towards an incident-free environment.

Take the challenge

Supervisors can take countless measures to ensure that safety remains at a high level. But to achieve this, input from every employee is needed. So that means you too! Make suggestions that can be combined in the organisation with practical measures. Examples could include securing tools and fitting effective and protective equipment. The ‘Sherlock Holmes in search of drops’ campaign’ provides you with practical ideas for doing this. Make the campaign a topic of discussion, take on the challenge together with your colleagues and take a long hard look at current working methods.