About HSElife NL

HSElife NL is a unique collaboration between the Oil and Gas Operators, active in the Netherlands. It is unique because through cooperation, harmonization of rules and regulations regarding Health, Safety and Environment is being realized. This way, the Operators focus on providing unambiguous HSE information to all their own employees as well as the Contractors and Onshore, Offshore and at Office personnel. HSElife NL ensures a safe way of working for the man on the shop floor –with consideration for health and environment. Goal: zero incidents.



Contractors usually work for several Operators. Each Operator tells their story on safety slightly different. As a result, Contractors are being confronted with a variety of HSE information. These different insights and rules as applied by the Operators can lead to unintentional mistakes. Because of this dangerous situations, incidents or accidents may occur. In the past decades, Oil and Gas Industry Operators have made significant progress in improving HSE performance and in reducing the number of incidents occurring within the industry. HSElife NL originated from the strong conviction that harmonization of Health, Safety and Environment related rules and regulations within the Oil and Gas Industry is absolutely necessary. The Operators participating in HSElife NL are well aware of the fact that crucial steps yet need to be taken towards Incident Free Operations. Therefore, to most Operators united in NOGEPA it was a logical step to join HSElife NL. HSElife NL initiators are The Wat Group, Centrica and Shell/NAM.


HSElife NL implementation

The implementation of HSElife NL within the Operator’s organizations in fact equals HSElife NL integration in their organizational culture. Certainly, HSElife NL should occupy a central position in everybody’s work. All Operators communicate the idea behind the harmonization trajectory within their own organization. The idea is to make the Dutch Oil and Gas Industry the safest industry by harmonizing rules, regulations and HSE information, by cooperating with other Operators, by sharing best practices and important HSE information. Apart from this, each Operator organizes several implementation activities for their personnel such as presentations and workshops, interactive as well as classical training, seminars and Motivational campaigns.



The website hselifeunio.com is one of the supportive tools in the harmonization and implementation process. On this website, unambiguous Safety, Health and Environment related information is being offered. It is a multimedia platform, ensuring that essential and up-to-date HSE information is available to everyone working in the Oil and Gas Industry.