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Frequently asked questions

  • Which Operators have already joined HSElife NL?
    HSElife NL participants are: NAM, Shell, Spirit Energy, Oranje-Nassau Energie, TAQA, Petrogas, Neptune Energy, Dana Petroleum, Vermillion Energy Netherlands and Total. HSElife NL is being supported by: IADC, CASOS, NOGEPA, IRO and Dutch State Supervision of Mines.
  • What kind of information can I find on the website
    • Rules, regulations, procedures and HSE information – always up-to-date • HSE documents on subjects such as Benzene, Asbestos, Natural Gas Condensate, Nitrogen et cetera • The HSElife NL introduction video • The e-zine HSElife Magazine • Interactive training modules on the subjects Offshore and Onshore • Interactive trainings on Permit to Work, Task Risk Analysis and Last Minute Risk Analysis • Important themes and items on HSE • HSElife NL Manual and Strategic Plan
  • What is HSElife magazine?
    This is our free online magazine - e-zine - and an important tool to communicate and share HSE information throughout the industry. In it, you can read what exactly is being said about the Oil and Gas Industry. Besides that, you can find background information on branch developments. It gives you a clear and honest picture of what is going on and you find unbiased opinion. Not a subscriber yet? Join by sending an email to It’s free!
  • What is the purpose of this website?
    It is the purpose of this website to offer unambiguous information on Health, Safety and Environment. It is a multimedia platform ensuring everyone working in the Oil and Gas Industry will have access to up-to-date and essential HSE information.
  • Which are HSElife NL’s vision and mission?
    HSElife NL vision is to make the Dutch Oil and Gas Industry the safest Dutch industry by achieving Incident Free Operations. Our vision connects seamlessly to the Oil and Gas Industry Operators’ goal of working without accidents and incidents, free of spills or any other damage to the environment. Our Mission: only by cooperation we can strive for a continuing harmonization and the sharing of HSE information. HSElife NL facilitates the development, optimizing and communication of standards, best practices and important HSE information, throughout the industry.
  • What does harmonizing rules & regulations mean?
    It means that eventually, everybody will work according to the same rules & regulations and procedure. In other words, unambiguous information for everybody working in the Oil and Gas Industry. As far as working safely with consideration for health and environment is concerned, there will be no more differences between the various Operators.
  • Why should I be concerned about the rules, even if they don’t apply to my work?
    Your concern and involvement are not limited to your own work but have an impact on the whole organization. Only when everybody knows what is going on in the field of HSE can we work together and contribute to a healthier and safer working climate and reduce any damage to the environment.
  • Why is all this HSE awareness necessary?
    It is always better to prevent than to cure. That is why we want to apply HSE rules pro-actively, meaning we need to follow them with care and we have to be alert at all times. However, we also need to know what is going on and we want everybody to know the HSE rules.
  • Which are HSElife NL Steering Committee’s activities?
    This group works hard on the sharing of knowledge and the development of training and learning techniques in order to share these within the industry. The Steering Committee consists of NAM/Shell, Spirit Energy, Oranje-Nassau Energie, TAQA, Petrogas, Chevron, Neptune Energy, Dana Petroleum, Vermillion Energy Netherlands, Total and The WAT Group representatives.
  • What is HSElife NL’s target group?
    Everybody working in the Oil and Gas Industry be it Offshore, Onshore or at Office locations.
  • Is it possible for my organization to join the Steering Committee?
    Certainly, we would welcome that. The more Operators participate, the more cooperation there will be stimulating the harmonization of rules & regulations and procedure for all own employees, Contractors and Onshore, Offshore and Office personnel. With the goal of achieving Zero Incidents!
  • Can I also find material only applicable to my organization?
    Yes, you can, but only if your organization is an HSElife NL participant. Your individual company information can be found in the protected section of this website. To visit individual HSElife NL participants’ website, click their logo.
  • Are there digital documents I can use to communicate about HSElife NL within my organization?
    Yes there are. You’ll find these documents on the ‘Downloads’ page under ‘Tools & Resources’.
  • How can I contribute to the harmonization?
    By gaining more knowledge on Health, Safety and Environment. Not only will this help you to improve your expertise but you will also apply your knowledge in your work and working environment, thus improving your personal safety and that of others.
  • How did HSElife NL come to be?
    HSElife NL originated from the strong conviction that harmonization of rules, regulations and procedure concerning Health, Safety and Environment is absolutely necessary within the Oil and Gas Industry. Initiators are The WAT Group, Spirit Energy and Shell/NAM.
  • How will HSElife NL realize their vision?
    In our mission, we have identified three focal points that will help us achieve our goals. These are:
    • Sharing best practices with the purpose of a continuous improvement of the standardization of rules & regulations and the operational performance.
    • Continuing harmonization using standard training programs and sharing best practices regarding working safely.
  • Aren’t we overdoing this HSE thing?
    Any unhealthy or unsafe situation is one too many. Imagine something happens to you that you could easily have prevented –or someone else gets hurt because you didn’t take HSE rules seriously enough. At the end of the day, we all want to get home in one piece!
  • Where can I send any important HSE information?
    Please send an email to: